Last Monday (22nd July) during the IETF 105 meeting, Yeti Phase-2 kick-off meeting was held in Montreal. We had 7 people including three coordinators on site and two participating remotely. The meeting covered topics on the result of second KSK rollover lab experiment, the vision and plan of the Yeti phase-2, its new charter, the technical proposal of Fault-tolerant root system and the decentralized distributed multi-DM system etc.(Slides are available here). Suggestions and comments are received from Participants. Everyone agreed on making innovative attempts in decentralization and multi-signature as a practice. Some experts also suggested that the Yeti phase-2 project should continue to push innovation in DNSEC on Root level.

Some participants encouraged experiments to expand from the root zone to more zones and domains, and different domains operate independently. It is expected that Yeti phase-2 will have more innovations and positively be the first to be applied as best practice for domains beyond root zone. Finally, some experts reminded the Yeti phase-2 work to focus on technical stuff and avoid sensitive political topics.

According to the project plan, we need to complete the draft of structural systems design before the end of this year. It is proposed that the next Yeti phase-2 workshop be held in Russia in December, and the relevant schedule and plan will be discussed and confirmed as soon as possible.

Yeti phase-2 is an open technical research with practice project. We look forward to welcome more organizations and individuals to the Yeti phase-2. Please contact